Kalkidan Tibebu current heartbreaking situation

Kalkidan Tibebu current heartbreaking situation. Actress Kalkidan Tibebu is a wife of late artist Tariku Birhanu Baba. 

The OLA army dismissed the Prime Minister’s call for peace as a hoax

He also stated that his government is very interested in making peace with the armed group that the government calls the ONL Shene and calls itself the Oromo Liberation Army. On the other hand, the Oromo Liberation Army expressed doubts about the desire for peace expressed by the government. He said that the Prime Minister’s comment was “untimely and inconsistent with reality”.

The report mentioned that the Prime Minister said that the 10 attempts of peace talks to meet the leaders of the group are not genuine. In fact, he stated that his government has deployed caucus committees in various areas to talk to the Oromo Liberation Army fighters and try to convince them to surrender. The spokesperson stated that the group is ready for discussion and emphasized that international third party mediation is needed for the proposed peace agreement to succeed.

Councilors from the Oromia region to hold peace talks with the Shene group at various times. Just as recently, the African Union negotiated with the government of Ethiopia to end the war in northern Ethiopia. It will be recalled that they asked in a letter to play a similar role to bring peace to the Oromia region.

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