Mandela was the master mind behind Tariku Birhanu (Baba) and Kalkidan Tibebu’s marriage

ካሳሁን ፍስሃ/ማንዴላ/ ለቃልኪዳን ጥበቡ እና ታሪኩ ብርሃኑ ስኬታማ ሽምግልና አደረገ፤

More than 11.5 million birr water pumps have been donated to Lalibela town.
Lalibela Water and Sewerage Service Office has been provided with water supply equipment purchased by the charity CSS at a cost of over 11.5 million birr.
Office Manager, Melese Ayele, recalled that the Lalibela Water and Sewerage Service Office, one of the facilities damaged by the Tigray terrorist group, had been looted.
He said all the assets of the institution were confiscated by the robbers and more than 26 million birr was damaged.
“There is no electricity left in the facility, which makes it difficult to provide safe drinking water to the community,” he said.
He said the institute has been provided with an additional generator, service pump, submersible pump and other equipment worth more than 11.5 million birr.

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