Many guys are asking to marry me after I make public announcement

Many guys are asking to marry me after I make public announcement.

Tigray Region Government Offices; They are allowed to give loans to their employees
Government employees in the Tigray region were allowed to take loans from their offices until they were paid. The maximum loan that the regional offices can offer to their employees; It is stated that it is four thousand birr.

Since June 2013, when the Defense Forces left the Tigray region government employees; They have not been paid for the past 21 months. As the interim government of the Tigray region, which should have been established according to the agreement between the federal government and the TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa, has not yet been established; The Ministry of Finance announced to “Ethiopia Insider” last week that it did not send money to the region.

State government offices whose budgets have not yet been released; Dr. Aregawi Gebremichael, head of the regional finance and planning office, told “Ethiopia Insider” that they have submitted a request to give a loan to their employees from the money in their bank account and their request has been accepted. The office sent a message to all zonal, district and city administrations and offices in the region last week, Thursday, March 7; 2015 in his letter; The official announced that he allowed them to give loans.

The same letter signed by Dr. Gerawi; He added that civil servants in the region are still in trouble due to the “complete siege”. Until a budget is allocated to pay the salaries of the government institutions of the state; The letter states that the offices are allowed to provide loans not exceeding four thousand birr to their employees from the money in their bank accounts.

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