Meron Getnet amazing poem

Meron Getnet amazing poem .

The President of Tigray Interim Administration, Getachew Reda, made a statement to the media in the region today.

With this, their statement; “The people of Tigray have made all kinds of sacrifices to save themselves from destruction,” he said, adding that “the interim administration will work to achieve the goals that the people of Tigray fought for and sacrificed for.”

The information we got from the regional television shows that Mr. Getachew said in a statement that his administration will work to ensure the territorial unity of Tigray, return displaced citizens to their homes and quickly solve the general problems of the people.

It will be recalled that the Prime Minister’s Office announced yesterday that after Getachew Reda was elected by the TPLF Central Committee to lead the temporary administration of the Tigray region, the Federal Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed appointed him as the head of the administration to manage the region.

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