Nafkot Tigistu come on her own show

Nafkot Tigistu come on her own show. The ex-entertainment tv show host at Ethiopian Broadcasting Service( EBS) Tv announced she is to come with her own private show, which she will be the Executive producer.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to attend the parliament for briefing.

House of People’s Representatives tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19; 2015 at its regular meeting; Sources told “Ethiopian Insider” that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will listen to the responses and explanations given to the questions from the members of parliament. Members of Parliament submitted their questions to the Prime Minister at the end of last week.

The Prime Minister attending the House of Representatives; They gave their first response and explanation of the year last November. For the same meeting tomorrow; The sources of “Ethiopia Insider” indicated that the members of parliament were asked to submit their questions “urgently” a week ago.

These are the members of parliament who returned after a month’s vacation. Last week Saturday March 9; The sources said that they were told this during the training they had at the House of Representatives meeting hall in 2015. A member of parliament who did not want to be named confirmed this. “They told us last Saturday, ‘Bring them in urgently.’ They told us in the day; “We have until the night,” he said, recalling that the time given for questioning was short.

The member of parliament added: “Many of us say, ‘No. We have to calm down and properly prepare a question to be presented to the Prime Minister,’ he said, ‘submit it until Sunday evening’. In this manner until Sunday evening of last week; He added that the members of parliament submitted their questions to the Prime Minister and completed them.

Among the questions that will be presented to the Prime Minister in the regular session of the Parliament that will be held tomorrow; Sources pointed out that it is expected that “there will be those who have seen the cost of living”. Questions related to the issue of “people returning to the Amhara region saying they will not enter Addis Ababa”; Sources speculated that the question may be raised in tomorrow’s parliamentary session.

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