New chapter for Ethiopian pop music on the global arena, #Rophnan is the knight

#Rophnan, a new member of the international music group, is a global player in Ethiopian music. Rophnan has signed a deal with world-renowned Universal Music Group, the world’s leading music company (UMG), which publishes and promotes the works of world-renowned artists such as James Brown, Steve Wander, Rihanna and Billy Ellish.

The agreement, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, recognizes the artist internationally and is a major step in promoting Ethiopian music to the world.
Rophnan, who was previously popular with many of us on his debut album “Reflection”, said that he did not reflect on his new idea of ​​”Six” which he now learned from spending time with children.

He announced that his new album, “Six”, will be released soon by Universal Music Group, a renowned international music publishing company.
The new album “Six” will be released on July 20, 2011. The artist has also announced that he has completed another album, “Nine”.
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