Nibret gelaw(Eke):I hear about his wedding on Facebook like everyone else, explained ex-girlfriend Sara Elias

A message sent to Eke’s, from ex-wife 💔💔💔
May it come to the father of my children, to today’s bridegroom, While it is good for you to marry, be careful even for Afomia’s emotion, if you don’t scream at him, leave me alone, I am not a mother, I can do it! What’s up, if you don’t make me laugh, you know how much you love me. You want fame and fortune. Why are you kissing us who live quietly? I have no problem with you marrying me. Happy marriage again.

Life is darkening, sowing life is a shame, but today you have tired me, dear father of my children, your likes and comments are for a week, but ours is forever broken. On this occasion, all those who have been hurt by my pain, I am really grateful for all your support, she added.

Give more understanding to you. You are the creator of the children that no one can get with silver. You are the gold in your hands and you are ashamed of your children. When asked by the media, I did not mind when you said that you do not have children, because there is a judge called conscience. I won’t judge you because it’s seen!

In any case, may God show you the right path, I want you to alive, let everything continue like this.
Sarah Elias

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