No sign of the maid who theft Soliyana, 2 years baby-girl, but her phone is still on

No sign of the maid who stole 2 years baby-girl, but her phone is still on

Ethiopian Airlines is going to start providing free service to kidney transplant patients traveling to foreign countries.

The free trip benefits 36 people a year – the patient, the donor and the kidney donor

Bisrat Radio has heard that Ethiopian Airlines is doing its best to support citizens suffering from kidney disease.
Solomon Asefa, General Manager of Kidney Patients Dialysis Charitable Organization, told Bisrat Radio that the institution, in cooperation with the Kidney Patients Dialysis Charity Organization, has created a free transportation opportunity for citizens who travel to foreign countries for kidney transplants every year.

The manager, who mentioned that the organization would have benefited from the opportunity for transplanted citizens who are not able to afford it and whose illness has worsened, mentioned that due to the high cost of air transportation, it had a negative impact on the patients and their families.

It is known that one patient and two attendants will travel together according to the possibility of the airline; Earlier, when a patient went for treatment, he was expected to spend at least 200 thousand birr, including the doctor, the manager said.
Noting that the number of citizens who were unable to cover this cost was high, the chief said that the contribution made by the airline was valued at a total of more than 2.4 million birr per year.

The general manager Solomon Asefa, who asked the concerned partners to do their part, including institutions, called on them to support 8582, which is a short text message receiving option.

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