Officials vows to change the name of province after facing mass protest

Officials vows to change the name of province after facing mass protest .

It was said that the top leaders of the Oromia region promised that the name of east borena zone, newly formed administration, which has sparked protest.
The name of the “Eastern Borena Zone” established ten days ago by the Oromia Regional Council will be changed; Guji Abba Gaddas and elders said that they were promised by the top leaders of the state government.

On his part, the Deputy Governor of Oromia Region, Ato Awelu Abdi said “the issue has been discussed internally, among the officials and there will be an announcement about it when it’s over”

In relation to the newly organized “East Borena Zone” of the Oromia Region; A series of protests have been taking place in different areas of Guji zone for the past one week. “East Borena Zone” was established; with ten districts and cities, taken from three existing zones.

It was announced ten days ago that the districts and cities that formed this new zone, which is the 21st for the Oromia region, are from Borena, Guji and Bale zones. To discuss this organizational change that has sparked protests; Guji Abba Gedda and Elders of Oromia region discusses with officials in Addis Ababa city today 9 February 2023.

In today’s discussion; Awolu Abdi, the Deputy Governor of the Oromia region, who chaired the discussion, clears that Guji elders and elders have submitted their complaints. “We have sat down and listened to the complaint. We have discussed,” said the Deputy Head of Government, stating that he did not want to give an “explanation on an unfinished matter”.

After the discussion, the elders of Guji, who gave a statement this afternoon; They told reporters that they were promised by the top officials of the state government that the name would be changed after they complained about the change in organization.

Guji Abba Geda who opposed the decision of the Oromia region, because of Negele Borena, which was the capital of Guji zone; was made to be the capital of the new East Borna zone. In addition, they criticized the state’s decision as “unfair and not people-centred”.

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