Orthodox church singer who work as shoe shine girl

Orthodox church singer who work as shoe shine girl

It was said that 1,000 people immigrate from Somaliland to Ethiopia every day

The United Nations has stated that tens of thousands of innocent citizens have left the autonomous Republic of Somaliland and crossed the border into neighboring Ethiopia following the war between Somaliland government forces and local militants. He announced that he can.

The agency stated that most of the refugees are women, pregnant and nursing mothers and children. The United Nations said that an average of 1,000 people are fleeing the violence and entering Ethiopia every day. In addition, more than 180,000 people have been displaced and settled in 66 shelters in Somaliland.

Although Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia in the early 1990s, it was not recognized internationally.

In recent months, however, tensions have been rising due to the delay in the elections that were to be held in the Republic of Somaliland. Earlier this month, several people were killed in the outbreak of the Lasnode war.

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