Pastor cherie: most rich men’s wife in Ethiopia does adultery

The controversial Preacher and marriage adviser Pastor Cherie, who is becoming popular for his funny examples and jocks he note at his church, says it is obvious that most of the wives of rich mans in Ethiopia specially in the capital Addis Abeba, does adultery with their drivers or other secret partners.

Tigray Defense Forces withdraw from Afar The Tigray Regional State said in a statement issued today that the TDF has completely withdrawn from Afar State. It is known that the Abi Ahmed administration has been using the withdrawal of the Afar region as a prerequisite for humanitarian aid, saying that if the Tigray forces do not leave the Afar region, humanitarian aid will not reach the Tigray region. The Tigray regional government said in a statement that it had completely withdrawn from the Afar region in order to discredit the Abiy administration and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches Tigray without delay.

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