Rahel Getu birthday celebration

Rahel Getu birthday celebration.

Balderas for Real Democracy Party (Balderas) announced its Vice President was kidnapped by the police.

The party’s vice president Amha Dannew has been arrested by plainclothes forces at 10:00 today. Ato Ameha Dagnew will hold the party’s general assembly tomorrow, Sunday, March 03/2015. The party said that it was given less than a day to conduct.

Balderas explained, “Vice President was arrested by individuals wearing uniforms and carrying a white pick-up truck who were waiting under the office building while he was doing his work in the office and in various places to complete the preparations for Sunday’s General Assembly.”

Mr. Ameha Dagnew is currently at a police station in the Lazarist area, Balderas told the Real Democracy Party.

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