Selam Tesfaye – I recognize divorce is worsts thing ever

Selam Tesfaye – I recognize divorce is worsts thing ever.

#Ethiopia | More than 5 million citizens have Downsyndrome

According to the decision of the United Nations, World Downsyndrome Day will be celebrated globally on March 21 or March 12 for the 12th time in the world and in Ethiopia for the 8th time.

It has been stated that the day will be celebrated with the international theme of “Working with us for us” together with the Association of Mental Developmental Limitations of Love Ethiopia, Ministry of Women and Children and other partner organizations. In Ethiopia, there are 4 to 5 million people with intellectual disabilities Mhret Ngusu, President of the Board of the National Association of Limited Growth, told Bisrat Radio.

According to the data released by the World Health Organization, on average, 3 percent of the world’s citizens have mental retardation. In addition to the limited number of institutions where mental retardation can receive training and receive medical services, it is said that it is a major problem because of the high cost.

Mhret Ngusu added that parents should play the biggest role in encouraging children with intellectual disabilities at home and the community should know that they are equal participants and beneficiaries like any Ethiopian citizen.

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