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President Isaias Afewerki announced that Eritrea is about to return to IGAD
The President of Kenya; They appreciated Eritrea’s contribution to the peace of Somalia
The president of the country, Isaias Afwerki, has announced that Eritrea is going to return to the regional institution, the Inter-Governmental Organization of Africa (IGAD), which it has been away from for the past several years.
President Isaias Afwerki, who is on an official visit to Kenya, together with his Kenyan counterpart, William Ruto, made a statement; When William Ruto asked them to return to Igad, he said, “There is no question about the matter.”
By pointing out that Eritrea’s efforts to achieve peace and stability in Somalia are admirable.
5000 Somali soldiers who have been training in Eritrea have recently returned to their country.
It is also known that the military has participated in the anti-Al-Shabaab campaign from Eritrea and is playing a major role in weakening and vacating key positions of the terrorist group.
It should not be forgotten that IGAD Secretary General Workneh Gebeyehu (Dr.) stated in his meeting with Al-Ain Amhargya months ago that talks are being held to return Eritrea to IGAD membership.
The Secretary General said at the time: “There will be a situation where Eritrea can return to IGAD. We are having a conversation.”
According to the judges, Eritrea, which declared its independence in 1993, was a country that played a major role in establishing IGAD, which was established at that time mainly to fight the locust epidemic.
Eritrea, which withdrew from the East African Inter-Governmental Organization (IGAD) in late 2007, rejoined the group in 2011 and was withdrawn from membership for the second time due to protests by IGAD member states.
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