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Dashen Bank launches Dube Pay application in partnership with Eagleline System Technology
Dashen Bank has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Eagleline System Technology to provide customers a new mobile application called Dube Pay Technology.
The app is said to create more marketing opportunities for merchants, manufacturers and service providers; It is said that it will be able to provide modern service by eliminating the traditional traditional credit service.
“Buy Now Pay later” is a technology that follows the principle: It is said to serve as a guarantee between their customers, merchants, beneficiaries or institutions who trade in banks or financial institutions.
The DubePi mobile app contains everything in one: “It includes integration with subscriptions, account creation, customer profile, transaction processing and billing services,” he said.
With this application, businesses can offer their products and services to consumers on credit: He also said that it will be an application for product and service providers to increase their sales.
Consumers should not be deprived of their current needs and payments due to temporary financial constraints; He added that with the help of technology, they will be able to do it in an extended period of time.
During the signing ceremony, it was announced that Dube Pay is a world-class and secure smartphone application.
To use the app, customers must first download the app from the App Store; As a result, Dashen Bank’s digital banking officer, Yohannes Million, told New Morning that they should register at the bank and write a letter of notification from their employer.
According to Yohannes, Dube Pay Technology will share its products and services with traders, manufacturers and service providers. Consumers will also be able to use the app to trade up to the bank’s credit limit.
Application is available in four indigenous languages: Amharic, Aromanian, Tigrinya and Somali, as well as English.
He further said that there are projects that will be announced by the Bank individually and in collaboration with partner institutions.

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