Soliana’s smile is back on her little face

Soliana’s smile is back on her little face.

A boat carrying 8 people sank in Chamo Lake!

The southern region police announced that a boat carrying eight people from Amaro special district Alfucho Abulo to Arbamc city has sunk. Deputy Commander Taju Negash, head of media department of the regional police, confirmed that the boat was carrying eight people.

The cause of the accident was overloading and an unusual storm. The boat was loaded with bananas and goods in addition to the eight people, according to Deputy Commander of the Zone Police, Degfe Debala.

He pointed out that the life-saving work has been intensified and for this purpose, they have been searching for various boats and swimmers.

According to Brock Ayele, head of peace and tranquility of Amaro Special District Administration, the drowning accident occurred yesterday afternoon.

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