Amazing couples prove age is just a number and kept the crowd speechless.

Somalian couples kept the crowd speechless.

The celebration of 127th Adwa victory was a bit full of tension.

The police were seen firing tear gas at the people who came out to celebrate the festival and beating many people.

At dawn today, His Highness Sahle Work Zewde laid a wreath at Emperor Menelik II Square. At the same celebration in Menilk square, the audience showed various performances by accompanying the Ethiopians with different costumes, singing together, singing and praising the Italian invaders when they defeated the Italian invaders in Adwa.

Despite this, the square was opened for vehicles at two o’clock in the morning, which was never done in previous Adwa victory commemoration celebrations. Due to the hasty opening of the square, clashes broke out between the celebrants and the ceremonial police. Later, the police dispersed the festival audience and used force to beat the audience. It was possible to see them shooting tear gas.

Also, in the Piazza Arada Giorgi Church, the police fired tear gas at the worshipers. It was seen that some worshipers were injured due to pressure and tear gas.

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