Taiwan’s top military researchers and the person in charge of the missile production died

Ou Yang Li-hsing, deputy head of the military-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) found dead in hotel room, said repotrs.

Days have been counted since the China-Taiwan conflict has left South Asia far from peace. At a time when it is being said that the conflict between the two countries will not be limited to South Asia, as the pressure will, especially, be heavy on the East Africa.

 Taiwan’s top military researchers and the person in charge of the missile production site were found dead in their hotel room. Many are still saying that China’s hidden shadow may be behind the man’s death.

China-Taiwan tension is said to have reached an all-time high level, while , Nancy Pelosi , the speaker of the US House of Representatives,  is the catalyst  who made the matter worse, by visiting Taiwan neglecting China’s warning.

Pelosi’s visit went beyond causing China to enter vast  military exercising  operation, China’s fighter jets and ships has repeatedly violate Taiwan’s air and sea boundaries, and  launched 11 Dongfeng  ballistic missiles off Taiwan’s coast.

 Therefore, it is feared that the sudden death of the head of Taiwan’s missile manufacturing station will escalate the tension between the two countries. Although Taiwanese officials have insisted that senior official Mr. Ou’s death to be off chronic heart disease; some skeptics, however, are going far and trying to link the matter with China.

They suspected that it may be a retaliatory measure taken by China for unapproved Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and the response of the Taiwanese authorities seemed to be trying to ease the matter, not to attract unnecessary focuses.

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