Tamrat Negera break his silence about Abiy Ahmed

Journalist Tamirat Negera, nick named abba sheger, has been detained by the Abiy government in Oromia region with out any charge for six months, and later on the regional police accused him for mocking Shimeles Abdisa, the president of the region, before being exiled to the US thee months ago. Tamirat is known for his firm stance for advocating freedom of speech and speaking truth, for which he is black listed by the government officials including the prime himself.

Abiy Ahmed (PhD) held a conversation which took ,ore than five hours with the holy fathers and archbishops of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhdo Church including his holiness Abune Mathias, patriarch of the church and chairman of the holly synod, to discuss about the on going government sponsored attack on the church and the nation wide protest called by the holly fathers to be held the coming sunday March 12/2023.

Under the leadership of His Holiness the Patriarch, we went with absolute spiritual leadership and honor. God has heard us. We received answers to our questions from the Prime Minister

His Holiness Abune Petros, Secretary General of the Holy Synod and Archbishop of New York Diocese, made a statement regarding the discussion with the Prime Minister today.

In his statement, His Eminence said, “According to the conditions we set, we were called by the Prime Minister and submitted our request.”

Our demand is the same, let the constitutional church be respected. The rights of the Orthodox in the country should be protected. The wealth and property of the church should be protected according to the laws of the country. They remembered that if these are not there, we will go to a peaceful demonstration.

Thus, under the leadership of His Holiness the Patriarch, we have gone with absolute spiritual leadership and honor. “During our meeting with the Prime Minister, we had a good discussion and our questions were answered,” His Excellency said.

He also said that the details will be given tomorrow.

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