Teddy Afro’s Truth, courage and appeal to the Prime minister and the government

Teddy Afro was the true son of a man who suddenly appeared like a shining star during the TPLF regime’s brutal rule of Ethiopia and its people. Teddy has shown us in the book “Atonement” that he is not afraid of anyone’s permission and approval, or criticism and criticism, or government arrests and outrage. Not only do the tracks on the album “Atonement” and “Uuta” reflect the reality of the moment, but they are still prophesying to this day, seventeen years from now.

The vocalist Dr. Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro) has released a new single with a number of highlights. The music of vocalist Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro) has been released on social media. “Let the music be a reminder to all the innocent people who have been unjustly killed, maimed and displaced in different parts of the country for the past four years.” He said. Teddy posted a new song “Stay tuned” on his official social media page, which was released a few minutes later. He has also exposed the truth about questions.

Dr. Tewodros Kassahun, a responsible citizen, does not seem to have chosen to criticize the government’s shortcomings in this regard. Instead, he would use his music to help him get the best advice. Tewodros Kanyama, who does not want the time and time to show his civility by boldly and honestly criticizing the government and protesting his wrongdoing, says that the government will not hesitate to give his advice to himself. He advised that it was better. . . But the question is whether there is a hearing ear.

Since the release of new music by artist Tewodros Kassahun, the movement on social media has grown exponentially, and he continues to speak to many; Thousands more are receiving it. Along with this, you are giving a lot of interesting comments.

For example, one fan wrote: “Surprisingly, the song was not made in a month or a week. It’s a piece of night work. I remember one night when Kenenisa won the Olympics and won the Olympics, the song Teddy Afro Kenenisa the Lion was released the next morning. In a matter of hours, the lyrics are complete and the song is complete. The Teddy of the day is the same as the Teddy of the present. It’s still the same artist who wrote a poem in a matter of hours, sang a melody, and finished the composition in the morning. “Teddy is not out of reggae in his current job.” “He is still suffering from the wounds of the people and is being oppressed by the people,” he said.

Teddy Afro is always on the side of the people; His 1997 book “Atonement” shows us that he is not a man who always bears witness to the truth, who sees the future, who always puts his glory before the present, and who spends all his time in the heat of the moment. To be honest, he spent years in prison for pardoning people, even though he had the opportunity to be honored, rewarded and praised more than anyone else at the time, but he did not compromise his position and principles. Not only did the tracks “Yasterial” and “Uuta”, which he included in the album titled “Atonement”, echo the reality of the moment, but they are still a work in progress. It’s amazing !! Teddy is still in the public eye.

Now, let’s look at something that we should note in the music that the artist told us in the song. The fact is that the government has been trying to gamble like any other artist by sending out invitations to parties and programs to play on behalf of the artist. To be honest, if the man had not been Teddy, we would have seen him in all the 37 media outlets at the prosperity meeting; Teddy, like any famous and influential artist, was bombarded with many invitations from the palace; But he did not set out to “entrust the country to the Prime Minister” or to “regret” the past, as did artists Neway Debebe.

Teddy doesn’t flirt with anyone; Teddy Afro is the only person who has honored Ethiopia and its people with unwavering love, timeless love, heartfelt love, not heart and soul. There was a saying in the old EPRDF era, “There are two governments in Ethiopia that govern the people. . . One is the EPRDF, the other is Teddy Afro, the first is energy and the second is love. ” There are two governments in Ethiopia, one is corruption; The second is Teddy Afro. . . This is how it is with the people! It’s over.

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