The apologetic priest fools everyone with “fake apology”

The apologetic priest fools everyone with “fake apology”

Even after the agreement with the government on the current issue of the church, the controversy continues!

The controversy caused by the appointment of illegal bishops, which is said to be an act that undermines the unity of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, or the self-proclaimed “Synod of Oromia and Nationalities” is raging.

It is felt that after the issue has been discussed, the government has discussed with both the parties and facilitated the situation so that the problem can be resolved through dialogue.

It is known that the Holy Synod of the Church, in its discussion with the government on February 3, 2015, recalled that an agreement was reached with the government for the immediate release of imprisoned priests and parishioners, and it was said that an agreement was reached for priests to be able to offer their services freely.

However, while those arrested before the agreement were expected to be released, prominent church teachers were arrested after it was said that an agreement had been reached to stop arrests and persecution immediately. This situation has created elements that see the government as canceling its promise to accept the church’s request and implement it.

According to the agreement, it is said that it has been fully agreed that the government will respect the unity and canon of the church and stop illegal activities against the church.

The body, which called itself the “Holy Synod of Oromia and Nationalities”, announced that its position has not changed in its statement regarding the discussion with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He said that although I am ready for reconciliation in any way, I will not negotiate with the dioceses I hold and the bishops I appoint.

On the other hand, the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which discussed with the Prime Minister, announced that in the discussion with the government, an agreement was reached that the unity of the church, canon, constitution and administrative structure of the church should be fully respected.

If conditions are not met according to the agreement with the government, the church has announced that it will continue its spiritual struggle. For this, the government has given some time to fix the problem, and the peaceful demonstration that is supposed to be held has been extended and the state of the government’s implementation and non-implementation is being observed.

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