The campaign of destroying heritage sites continues at the capital

When a Master Plan is developed, it requires special care and attention to be passed on to future generations, such as squares, villages, monuments, and monuments that reflect its history and heritage. When new buildings are needed, they can be developed as per the master plan without destroying the historical record.
Contrary to this scientific fact, we are forced to believe that the destruction of the city’s heritage, especially in Addis Ababa, in contrast to Urban Development, Heritage Conservation and Local Development Plan, is not a result of negligence or malpractice. .
It is important to remember that if we do not have a short memory, the people of the “prosperous” state are hunting down and destroying the city’s heritage in a seemingly coordinated and readable way after grabbing a scepter.
1) Bufe de Lagar, the 90-year-old Addis Ababa historical monument to Gahar.
2) Dejazmach Amde Abera Kassa house (archeological site over 90 years of construction) demolished;
3) The Prosperity Party of Asfaw Kebede, located in front of the Six Kilo Empress Menen School, demolished the Oromia Prosperity Party, saying, “I want the place.”
4) The relics of Ras Hailu, located in the area known as Piazza Sabara Train, were demolished;
5) Commercial College, which is under the auspices of Addis Ababa University and has been established for the past 80 years, has been suspended for several years.
Today, another tragic and devastating decision is being made.
In a letter to the branch office of the Federal Housing Corporation, the Federal Housing Corporation has ordered the termination of a tenancy agreement with the German Pharmaceuticals and Neon Addis (archaeological) construction sites in Piazza for the construction of a modern mall for investor German Amante.
The Addis Ababa City Administration Culture, Arts and Tourism Bureau announced in a 8-page letter to the Arada Sub-City Planning and Development Commission on February 4, 2013 that 205 artefacts were registered in Arada Sub-City. Ancient Lion Pharmacy and Neon New are mentioned in the same list in verses 26 and 34.
Every citizen who loves his country, his city and his history should condemn and oppose this vicious political scam, as it is a deliberate and deliberate act of sabotage to explore the barren land in the city, both in and out of the city.

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