The court postponed the case of EOTC to Friday.

Today we have a hearing to take the restraining order against the illegal group if the creator allows.
However, the judges of the trial stated that they did not give an order and the reason for this is that the respondent lawyer Hailemichael Tadese (who claims to be the spokesperson of Father Sawiros’ group) who we mentioned in the 29th ordinary number of our complaint, submitted a petition for the hearing at 5:30 today.
He filed a petition saying, ‘Before the ban is given, my opinion should be heard because my name is mentioned in the lawsuit.’

In his petition, Hailemichael said, ‘The court does not have the authority to grant an injunction. It is the Minister of Justice who should look into the matter.
Lawyers went to hear a decision, and on a petition we suddenly encountered, we adjourned the hearing and took a moment to consult.

‘If we are going to give a detailed answer to this man, the trial is going to change the schedule to make a decision on our argument: so let’s remove him (Hailemichael) from the complaint! We decided that Hailemikael said goodbye to the hearing and asked him to read to us if there was any order that the hearing had decided.

Lawyer Haylemikael ‘I have to be included in the lawsuit! I want to argue about the others.
‘What about your representation to the others?’ We said.
He said, ‘Father Sawiros will give it to me tomorrow.’
We said, ‘It is not acceptable to argue that I will bring him the day after tomorrow without representation for Christmas.
The hearing said, ‘Come on Friday with your representation and fix your petition!’ He allowed him to say!

By the way, when we entered the court, there was no soldier. Lawyer Hailemichael was not there either.
But when we left the court, a large number of security forces were stationed in the area!
Sometimes it is necessary to appreciate the government’s protection for some of its citizens!

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