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#Addis Ababa – Women engaged in the sex trade use condoms better than the rest of the community.

Today is International Condom Day

The Addis Ababa Health Office stated that women who work in sex trade in Addis Ababa use condoms better than those who are considered vulnerable.

Mrs. Felech Andarge, who is an expert in the Directorate of HIV Multidisciplinary Response at the office, said to Bisrat Radio in particular; He said there are women who are engaged in sex work in cafes and restaurants, as well as renting houses, including college or university students. Among them, women who work in the sex trade relatively regularly use condoms.

However, because there is a price difference between condom and condomless sex, the women said that their tendency to use condoms regularly is variable.

According to Ms. Falek, it is mandatory to keep condoms in hotels, pensions and similar service providers in the city, but condoms are not properly kept for users. The office is primarily responsible for setting guidelines; He added that the control work is done by the Addis Ababa Commercial Office.

In addition, we asked the experts about the increase in the price of condoms, and in their response; He said that Sensation condoms, which are widely available in the market, are charged an average of 18 birr and Life Trust condoms, on the other hand, are charged 12 birr. However, as the sector is a free market, the difference in the price of condoms comes from this, he added. It does not bind; Stakeholders in the sector are more interested in profit than the health of the society, said Mrs. Felech Andarge, an expert at the Directorate of HIV Multidisciplinary Response at the Addis Ababa Health Bureau, and told Bisrat Radio.

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