The Ministry of Defense presented awards to Awel Arba

The Ministry of Defense presented awards and recognition awards to the Chief of Afar Region, Awel Arba

The Ministry of Defense of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) presented the Awal Arba Unde with the award and recognition award to the Chief of the Afar National Regional State. The President’s attempt to destroy Ethiopia by infiltrating the Afar region through the House of Peoples’ Representatives; The Ministry of Defense presented the award to the Afar Regional State Special Forces, militia, civilian army and the entire Afar people for their dedicated leadership.

The TPLF has been known to inflict heavy casualties by invading various parts of the Afar region with heavy weapons, massacring innocent pastoralists, displacing them from their homes, and destroying and looting public and private property.

The Afar people have been able to achieve great victories in collaboration with the state’s special forces, militia and people’s army, according to the state’s communication bureau.

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