The women who left everything for an African farmer

The women who left everything for an African farmer.

Youths clashed with Federal police in Ferensay Legacion subcity at the border of Addis Ababa and Oromia regional state’s Sululuta town administration,

At the border area of Addis Ababa and Sululta districts, youths protested against Beita Ferasa and clashed with the police.

It is reported that there was a gunshots heard in the area, and she attended the scene and observed the situation. The problem occurred near the Ferensay legacion, around Gurara Kidane Mehret, the area is the border of Addis Ababa city administration and Oromia region.

According to the report from Addis Maleda newspaper, which was on the scene at the time the clash, the people who gathered were chanting “our house will not be destroyed”.

Especially after youths protested with sticks and stones, the police used tear gas and gunfire to disperse the youths, but the youths did not disperse.

Currently, several federal police forces have reached the area, and in addition to the federal police, three patrols of the defense army commandos have arrived at the scene.

The government security forces present at the site and the youths who had gathered against the home horse clashed at close range.

“The house we have lived in for more than two decades will not be destroyed,” asked the protesting youth. is that She was able to see a new morning that among the many houses that have been painted red and that they are about to be demolished, there are also luxury villas.

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