They promised me to pay 40 thousand for the girl – house maid

They promised me to pay 40 thousand for the girl – house maid.

House of People’s Representatives to hold a “special conference” tomorrow to remove the TPLF from the terrorist list

House of People’s Representatives called house members for “Special Assembly” to discuss on the means to delete the People’s Liberation Army of Tigray (TPLF) from terrorist list.

Seven parliament members told “Ethiopia Insider” that they were called for tomorrow’s special assembly with a warning that “no member should left behind”.

Even though these councilors confirmed that a “special meeting” will be held tomorrow; They announced that the agenda of the meeting was not sent to them in advance as was done in the past. Although the members of parliament said this, the sources of “Ethiopia Insider” of the House of Representatives indicated that it is expected that a resolution will be presented in tomorrow’s meeting to remove the TPLF from terrorism.

The House of People’s Representatives conducts the elimination of terrorism; It follows the peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa, about five months ago. In the same peace agreement made last October; “The Ethiopian government’s decision to declare terrorism against the TPLF; Facilitates to be raised by the advice of people’s representatives” is included.

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