This is how being famous is so challenging in Ethiopia and the social media is destroying the social fabrics

ከዚህ በላይ ምን ግፍ አለ? በታዋቂ ሰዎች ስም የሚቸበቸበው የማህበራዊ ገጾች ህሊና ቢስነት ወዴት እየሄደ ነው?

In the 19th week of the Ethiopian Premier League, champions Fasil Kenema lost 2-2 to Addis Ababa City.

The referee, who officiated this match for the second time in this year’s competition, was Beamlak Tesema and his decision to give Addis Ababa a free kick was a mistake and the decision upset the Emperors who had a chance to win 2-1.

Following the conclusion of the match, the referee, entered the dressing room and apologized to the players of Fasil Kenema. He confessed that he had made a mistake and apologized, saying that it was not his fault. There are those who say that apologizing is not uncommon in our country, but acknowledging the mistake shows respect for the profession. However, Fasil Kenema reportedly submitted a letter of complaint to the league, including apologizing to the referee.
Will the new commissioner report the National Judiciary Committee’s silence on the name and reputation of God? Is eager for the sports family. It is known that the arbitrator returned from Adama at the behest of the committee, and the fact that he has not been replicated internationally is a matter of debate. Following the conclusion of eight games in Week 19 of the league, the company is expected to review the game at 4:00 am tomorrow and make a decision.

Meanwhile, referees who have been suspended for 6.5 points have been identified by the Game Commissioner. Accordingly, international arbitrator Tewodros has been replaced by Federal Arbitrator Habtamu Mengiste International Assistant Arbitrator Temesgen Samuel and Assistant Judge Kinfe Yilma.

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