Archbishop Petros warn the Prime Minister

The EOTC church synod announce eerier today that, after having detailed discussion with the government yesterday, the government has fully accepted the position of the church, but the Holy Synod has decided to postpone the nationwide and international public demonstration scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2015, for a certain period of time.

However, there is a mass skeptic attitude about the implementation of the agreement on the Abiy’s side. Getachew Shiferaw has something important to say on the issue.

You are getting more exposed!

1) In addition to standing up for the group that was condemned as an explanation, Abi called the fathers’ palace and negotiated. He thereby admitted that he owns the matter. The Synod announced in an earlier statement that the government had entered into a project to demolish the church. It should be noted that if he talked to the fathers yesterday and made a distraction, he attacked the church again. He talks to monks. They found him carrying a cross, representing the church. In terms of what is happening now, they are making another insult, another attack.

2) He is arresting not only the alleged collaborators, but also famous people who have stood up for the church for justice. He himself is exposed to this.

3) When faced with a problem with the goal of proselytizing the state religion, it is saying security problems, anti-peace forces, etc. It is an excuse that he started to stop the movement that touched the untouchables. But it is not useful unless it brings more people together. We see shame accompanied by the most ridiculous accusation that he has written a summary of the recent statement of the Holy Synod. There is no compelling reason to expose them, except to make the few who are left to cut them off.

4) According to their current approach, they may ban everyone from going to church tomorrow. If this is allowed, it is not said that they will not go as far as burning down and destroying the church as they did during Stalin’s era, raising the shame of giving the church back to Saudi Arabia. If you don’t say enough from now.

It is clear that all they are going for is not victory but anxiety and fear. They are also exposed to this positive activity.

On the other hand, fathers did it after discussion. It was a struggle that they led wisely. It is not a failure that they chose to use the last option and talk about peace. It blocked the avenue of excuses for the oppressors. It is convenient to expose the oppressors.

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