we wait 40 years to have a baby

40 years of waiting for a child.

Having relationship is a dream for most of the teenagers, for it is a bit full of adventure and a means to develop confidence among friends. However, when it comes to a marriage, which is the foundation of building own family, it becomes more responsibility than a mere adventure and having fun and hanging out with friends.

One of the challenge for a couples who wed and establish a family is that they are expected to have a child, so every one ask them when is the time they will welcome the new member of the family, but if the couples are not fortunate to give birth the pressure is high. 40 years of waiting for a child, here is the heartbreaking story of a family that wait four decades with out a slip of hope to be blessed with a child. watch the full story by clicking the link https://youtu.be/yngF_Na7IXA

In China, a company ordered people to wear masks to prevent hiring based on appearance

A company in Chengdu, China has been praised for asking job applicants and employers to wear masks to avoid discrimination based on facial features. Chengdu Ant Logistics has shared a video showing the person sitting for the test and several test takers wearing masks during interviews.

The company said in a statement on the matter that the video was filmed at two recent annual job fairs and that the mask was worn to avoid discrimination based on appearance.

The Chinese logistics company’s surprising recruitment method is designed to reduce the stress level of job candidates and also emphasize that people’s individual skills are more valuable than their looks. After the information was shared, one person wrote, “As a person with social phobia, I really enjoy this kind of job interview.”

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