What is the must to have quality to become super model? 3 easy advises

Ethiopia is well known for the beauty of her girls, as being already famous for it’s tasty organic coffee, being the origin of human kind and the victory
of Aduwa, which is the first ever victory of a black people over the white European power in the modern history, who shine brightest in many worldwide
beauty contests like super model Liya Kebede, Gelila Bekele, Anna Getaneh and so on.

When thinking to get in to the modeling industry, which is the biggest dream for most of the youngest generation, there are so many things considered to be fundamentals like being tall, slim, well structured shape, or even to have fair skin color. But, here is the main question to be asked, what really matters the most to be a super model?

However, many Ethiopians still believes that one must be tall to become a model, as a result so many young ladies and gentleman quite their dream of joining the modeling industry because the think they are too short to fit, especially it is very common with the mans side.


Model Abel Sahilu, a medium sized and slim young man who is at his mid 20th of age, do not agree with the above arguments about becoming a model. He
fiercely believed that what really maters to be a model is a positive mentality and passion, not height or skin color.

He remembers, the challenges he has been through when he start his career as a model, and how he overcome those challenges to become a successful model, and even open his modeling school to show the right way for newbies.

You can listen the whole story Here : https://youtu.be/SySVcKgtcCc


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