Who is Akalewold(the late Aba Sawiros)?

A statement from the Security and Safety Joint Task Force regarding current security issues
The government has been trying to find a solution to the current situation in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church through the principle of neutrality through dialogue, peaceful means and respecting the inner workings of the church. This effort was successful and the religious leaders agreed to resolve the matter peacefully.
It will be remembered that the Joint Task Force of Security and Safety has previously made a statement that the internal and external anti-peace forces, who were active in creating violence and chaos by organizing illegal demonstrations to fulfill their own political interests, should refrain from their goals and the public should not participate in demonstrations that have not been recognized by the concerned party.
Therefore, the Security and Safety Joint Task Force respects the decision of both sides to cancel the rally called for February 5, 2015 in relation to the recent problems faced by the religious leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, as it is of great benefit to the survival of the country and the safety of the citizens.
The joint task force expressed that the commitment and initiative shown by the fathers of the faith to resolve the matter peacefully and through dialogue is admirable. He thanked the elders, investors and celebrities who participated in the process. In relation to the issue, the joint task force announced that it has been thoroughly evaluating the source, cause and series of results, collecting information and evidence; He announces that he has been informed that there are forces that have been operating in other areas including Addis Ababa as a cover for their agenda related to religion to achieve their political interests.
By intercepting the question raised in relation to religion; It was observed by the security and safety joint task force that the external and internal forces who formed a coalition to endanger the constitutional system were conspiring, instigating, gathering finances and logistics in the past by making a strategy that would bring violence and violence.
Therefore, the joint task force stated that it has started to take steps to protect and ensure Ethiopia’s existence and sovereignty and to uphold the rule of law. He also informs that he will make public the current information related to the issue.
The mercenary politicians who work day and night to achieve their selfish political needs by looking for a hot pot to stir up conflict and expose the country to the enemy and its citizens, as well as the various media outlets who tried to fulfill their role as ambassadors by making the issue worse, are bankrupt today as well as yesterday, and will continue to be bankrupt.
It is a proven fact that these forces were using the current situation of our country as an opportunity to use all their time, resources and ambitions to create conflict; We know that due to the foresight of our government, our peace-loving people, and the mature decisions of our great religious leaders, which focused on the peace of the country, their preparations for the conflict were thwarted, so that their preparations would not be in vain, so that their plans would not be wasted.

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