Who is Fano? Cap. Masresha has the answer

Who is Fano? Cap. Masresha has the answer

Awash Bank, one of the leading private finance firms in Ethiopia, is on the verge of destroying an antique.

It is heard that the 80-year-old institution Awash Bank is going to be demolished and a building built on it due to the kindness of the authorities.

Addis Ababa University Business School (Commerce) in Wabi Shebele area of Addis Ababa city has been demolished and Awash Bank building is to be built there.

The bank’s effort to demolish this historical institution and build a building was spared from demolition due to the great efforts of the people who care about the country’s heritage.

It has been learned that the officials of the institution have been warned not to hear the matter or to let the public hear it. It is felt that the matter is a political decision of the authorities.

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