Why they want us to disrespect Adwa?

Why they want us to disrespect Adwa?

#Adwa127 | Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Addis Ababa Diocese:

“In Addis Ababa Diocese, a large number of Christians from all over the world gathered to celebrate the annual commemoration of the Great Martyr Saint George and the 127th Adwa Victory at St. George’s Church.

Tabotatheke came out of his throne and after the cycle ceremony, when the ceremony was taking place, the government security forces threw tear gas into the church.

Several worshipers were injured by the tear gas that was thrown from both the entrance doors of the short church and they were taken to the hospital. “

Meanwhile, Statement from the Federal Government notie that, “…Parties who wanted to disrupt the festival in Menilk Square tried to incite violence.

When these parties failed to disrupt the festival in the square, they tried to disrupt the religious festival in St. George’s Church.

In their efforts to calm down the rioters, the security forces tried to disrupt the religious festival in the church and harm the worshipers who came for the religious festival.

As a result, some pilgrims were injured.

However, due to the efforts of the security forces, the conspiracy was foiled without any serious damage.

He believes that the government should not do this. He will investigate the situation and take appropriate action against the troublemakers. “

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