Wolkite University send warning to Addis Maleda Newspaper

wolkite university

It was said that a Degree certificate, in Wolkite University, is being sold for 20 thousand birr. The local newspaper, Addis Maleda, stated that it confirmed the issue after conducting series of monitoring work done for two months that the Degree was being sold for 20 thousand birr by the university’s staffs.

Following the report stating that people are buying fake degrees for 20,000 birr from the university, by pretending to be regular students without attending the class, Wolkite University has sealed its registrar’s offices.

The university said, on statement issued about the case, after the publication of Addis Maleda newspaper, it has closed the main and college registrar’s offices until the matter is investigated. However, if the allegation is to be proven wrong, the university will take the case to court, added the statement issued by the university.

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