Yohannes Buayalew: I never have fear, won’t leave my country for exile

Addis Ababa Vital Events Registration Agency announces that it has suspended the issuance of new IDs indefinitely.

Addis Ababa Vital Events Registration Agency registers identity, birth, marriage and death certificate; It also provides services when needed by citizens.

Dr. Takele Necha, Director General of the Addis Ababa Critical Event Registration Agency, said that the identification of undocumented individuals is being misused during the service delivery process, especially by those who distribute false information inside and outside the institution. He said action had been taken against those arrested for the crime.

According to Dr. Takele, the issuance of new IDs has been suspended indefinitely in accordance with the decision of the city administration.

The Director General said that the service will be suspended indefinitely. He said he was working to bring the perpetrators to justice and clear up any irregularities in the institution.

Identity renewal and other critical event services will continue.

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